The Best 3D Printing Pens for Kids – Our 2018 Review

2018-05-19 10:04:07 admin 1182

Before we start, lets get one thing straight...your typical 3D pen is not a toy.

Many parents make this mistake and purchase a standard 3D pen for their child, then discover that the heated metal nozzle reaches 392°F (200°C) when melting the thermoplastic...

Do you allow your kid to play with a iron? No. So you should not buy your child a typical 3D pen. Fortunately there are many pens which do not use this hot extruder technology, and these are the 3D pens which I will be looking at in this review. 

So with that disclaimer out of the way, lets dive right in.

3D Pens are an amazing new invention which use the same technologies like 3D printing to offer you fun and unique creative tool. They're used by artists, craft hobbyists, and children to create all kinds of amazing three-dimensional objects.


This butterfly I painted nicely demonstrates the Sort of cool sculpture that is possible:

Also as for artistic creations, I like to use a 3D pen alongside my desktop 3D printer as it can be utilized as a hot glue gun to bond components together using the same thermoplastics which the 3D printer uses.

The technique described above allows you to create seamless, invisible bonds having the same strength as the individual pieces. You can quickly fix broken or neglected 3D prints effortlessly.

Which 3D printing pen is the best for my child?


That is what I'm are going to answer in this review! There are well over 100 3D Pen models available at the moment so picking the best isn't an easy task, especially if you are looking for the best 3D pen for your kids!

To assist you, I narrowed down the options available to my four favorites, based on my experiences using 3D Pens and user reviews and opinions. These pens are awesome and completely safe for your kids to use.