Flying dream, growing with the company together

2018-06-12 10:13:33 admin 1366

    June, 8th, 2018 -- In the afternoon of June, 8th, the summary meeting of first half year have held in the company conference hall. Company senior leaders and head of departments gathered together to sum up the half-yearly sales figures and looking to the future.


Direct of all departments summarize the work in the first half of year


Direct of all department look ahead for the plan in the second half of year. 

   The conference coincided with the first anniversary of the founding of Guangzhou Three Six Nine Technology Industry Co.,Ltd,beginning from a small team on June, 2017, after a year of rapid development, the company have grown into a big family today. A single spark can start a prairie fire. On the happy day of June 8th, the company celebrates its first birthday and holds an anniversary dinner.


Company Family Photo


The leadership of company


Anniversary dinner photos


A substantial  dinner

   Guangzhou Three Six Nine Technology Industry Co.,Ltd, is a scale of high-tech intelligent toy enterprise by researching, production, and trading. Our company specializes in producing 3D printer pen and products are well received by the market.  In order to better service customers, the company constantly hold regular training sessions to improve the skills and qualities of various positions of employees. On the second day of the anniversary dinner, we organized training for our relative colleagues. The training not only about product training but also including market trend sessions, let each employee be more familiar with products and customers, then we can provide better and more high quality services. 



   Looking back on the past, our thoughts fluttered and impassioned. The achievements of Guangzhou Three Six Nine Technology Industry Co.,Ltd in the past year are obvious, it can’t be separated from the joint efforts of all the staff. Hold seize this moment, we took our courage to move forward fearlessly. Company leaders and company colleagues will hold together to strictly catch good production and sales, raise and provide the best service.  Looking to the future, we are confident. 3D printing pen as a product of Tuyere industry and children steam toy field, which potential for future development is enormous, Guangzhou Three Six Nine Technology Industry Co.,Ltd will have a better tomorrow.